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GeoSil® is quite different from other traditional disinfectants in a number of important ways.

It clearly is not “Just Another Disinfectant”.

GeoSil has a number of unique features that make it more effective, more versatile, and more powerful than most other sanitisers. In addition to this, its performance is not compromised by environmental or appliction conditions such as temperature, pH, turbidity, or pathogen resistance, and its benign environment impact means it is safe in most practical and even extreme situations.

it is very safe to use, and accidental misuse rarely results in user or environmental problems.

GeoSIL offers many important properties but the key to its status and outstanding performance are:

  • it is a powerful broad spectrum sanitiser and oxidiser.
  • it is fast acting and does not require extended contact times.
  • it is effective over a pH range (from pH2-9)
  • it remains active even in low concentrations
  • it does not leave harmful residues or form dangerous disinfection by-products.
  • it is temperature stable and effective over a water temperture range from 0 degrees C to 95 degrees C.
  • it does not allow the formation of biofilms in water systems.

What Makes GeoSil® Different?

The main difference between GeoSIL and other sanitisers is the way it kills bacteria and viruses.

Traditional sanitisers, Halogens, Quats, Phenolic compounds, Alcohols, all attack bacteria by breaking down the fatty protein that makes up the protective membrane or cell wall that encloses the bacteria. Once the cell wall is disrupted, the chemical can then immobilize the cell.

This is a purely chemical process and its effectiveness is controlled by the same things that influence other chemical reactions. Most important of these is the strength, or concentration of the chemical, and is often affected greatly by pH, reaction time, and importantly, temperature. At some pH and temperature values, a number of sanitisers are almost totally ineffective only after a relatively long reaction time, and this can lead to sub-lethal doses being applied.

GeoSIL Disinfectants uses a different method to kill bacteria in a much more effective way. The active ingredients, Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) and Silver (Ag) combine to produce a powerful no-gap, broad spectrum disinfectant. For almost 200 years, hydrogen peroxide has been known to be a powerful and safe anti-viral disinfectant. By combining very small quantities of silver with hydrogen eproxide, in a process known as Oligodynamics, GeoSoL can be shown to have a killing power 30 times that of hydrogen peroxide and silver used on their own.  This comes from the unique manner in which the disinfection process works.

When bacteria are exposed to GeoSiL, hydrogen peroxide releases free oxygen radicals that immediately attack the cell membrane. In a physical, rather than chemical process, the oxygen lyses the cell wall by causing it to stress and rupture. This action is rapic and is little influenced by pH, or temperature. Tests have shown that this action continues, even at low concentrations, and instead of the action slowing down, it carries on until either all of the bacteria are killed, or all of the hydrogen peroxide is consumed.

Once the cell wall is ruptured, the silver ions enter the cell and bind to the DNA. This denatures the cell enzymes, halts replication, and the cell dies. This process does not allow the cell to build up a resistance, so that effectiveness is guaranteed, regardless of how often GeoSIL is used.

GeoSiL – The Resistance Breaker

The properties that make GeoSIL so effective, also make it ideal where pathogens have become immune to established treatments. For this reason, GeoSIL is the ideal “Resistance Breaker”.  When other chemicals fail, GeoSol can be the “Perfect Solution” to get hygiene under control. More importantly, once under control GeoSIL can maintain effectiveness and prevent expensive problems from reoccurring.

It is more powerful than chlorine, and most other common chemical disinfectants.

  • it has an oxidising power greater than chlorine, bromine, Quats, and aldehydes.
  • it can prevent the spread of diseases during cleaning operations.
  • it is not just stabilized hydrogen peroxide. GeoSIL has a pathogen killing power 30 times greater than the combined killing power of hydrogen peroxide and silver used on their own.
  • Sub-lethal doese do not permit the evolution of pathogen resistance.
  • it can be safely applied using sprays or fogging equipment.
  • it can safely be used around people, animals, food or fresh produce.
  • it is approved for use in organically certified premises.
  • it kills all viruses, including Bird Flu and Swine Flu viruses, H5N1 and H1N1.
  • it can be used in the home, in Hospitals, Rest Homes, food preparation areas, daycare centers, gyms.
  • it can be used on most surfaces.

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